Since 2013 we have grown and we organize our treasure hunt team building activity in 39 cities and 23 countries in Europe and also in the historical center of Sydney, Australia.

10 years

We have been organizing team building activities since 2013.

2 746

We have organized more than 2700 treasure hunt activities.

82 380

More than 80 000 happy treasure hunters from around the world.

40 cities

You can find us in 39 cities in Europe and in Sydney.

23 countries

You can find us in 23 countries in Europe and Australia.

2 continets

You can find us on 2 continents. In Europe and in Australia.


Athens is a captivating city and a perfect place for a treasure hunt adventure, offering a fascinating blend of ancient ruins and modern urban life.


Amsterdam is an ideal destination for a treasure hunt. It combines historic charm with modern innovation and picturesque canals with a vibrant nightlife.


Treasure hunt in Barcelona, a dynamic city with a unique charm through its stunning architecture, vibrant culture, and a perfect blend of beach and city life.


Team building activity in Berlin, a very interesting city with a turbulent history. It is also one of the youngest and fastest developing cities in Europe.


On a treasure hunt in Bologna, you'll discover the culinary capital of Italy, a charming city renowned for its rich food culture and medieval architecture.


Enjoy our treasure hunt team building activity in Bratislava, a picturesque city that combines historical charm, stunning river views, and a lively café culture.


Our treasure hunt team building activity in Brno will show you the city's rich history, stunning architecture, vibrant culture, and lively student atmosphere.


Treasure hunt in Brussels offers a unique experience for Brussels's beautiful architecture, delectable cuisine and iconic landmarks like the Grand Place and Atomium.


Our treasure hunt in Bucharest will take your team to the Old Town, immersing them in the city's captivating energy and cultural diversity.


Grab your team and come to enjoy team building activity in Budapest, a city with not only beautiful architecture and good coffee.


Cologne, a vibrant city on the banks of the Rhine River, the magnificent Cologne Cathedral and a charming old town make it a perfect place for a treasure hunt.


Our treasure hunt will show you Copenhagen, its beautiful canals, stunning architecture, forward-thinking design, and a cozy, hygge-lifestyle atmosphere.


Dresden is known for its numerous architectural monuments, such as the Baroque Zwinger. Explore it on our treasure hunt in Dresden.


Our treasure hunt in Edinburgh enchants participants with its dramatic castle, cobblestone streets, rich history, vibrant arts scene and medieval charm.


Its magnificent art treasures, historic architecture, and romantic ambience make Florence a perfect place for a treasure hunt and teambuilding activity.


Embark on a thrilling treasure hunt in the streets of Frankfurt, solving puzzles and immersing yourself in the city's iconic landmarks and hidden gems.


Come and discover the history of one of the oldest cities in Poland on the Vistula River on our treasure hunt teambuilding activity in Krakow.


On a treasure hunt in Ljubljana, you will discover the capital of Slovenia, a city with great charisma and one of the smallest European capitals.


Dive into a thrilling treasure hunt adventure through the enchanting streets of Lisbon, discovering hidden gems as you seek out the ultimate treasure.


If you are a history lover and enjoy the breathtaking buildings, London is the right place for your next teambuilding activity and a treasure hunt.


The city's rugged terrain overcomes 100 bridges, offering numerous beautiful views that you can admire on our Luxembourg treasure hunt.


Treasure hunt in Madrid is an adventure through the bustling streets, solving riddles and uncovering clues in the city's most iconic landmarks.


A thrilling treasure hunt adventure in the lovely city of Málaga. Prepare to uncover hidden gems of this coastal paradise as we embark on an unforgettable quest.


A treasure hunt adventure in Milan, where we'll decipher clues, explore iconic landmarks, and unravel the secrets of this fashion-forward city.


Our team building in Munich will show you a city with many cultural monuments, a city that comes alive once a year with a beer and sausage festival.


Everyone loves Paris and those who have not yet visited Paris, regret and dream. Let the dreams come true on our treasure hunt in Paris.


The city of hundred spires and the mother of towns. And the best beer in Europe! Have a sip on our treasure hunt team building activity in Prague.


During our treasure hunt in Rome, you will find out why it is said that all roads lead to Rome and why it is often called an eternal city.


Salzburg is unique - in every way - as our treasure hunt. Let the magic of the world-famous Mozart's city work on you, it will remain enchanted forever.


Vienna is like an old soul, but one that inspires the old and new avant-garde with the ease of waltz. Find out why on our team building activity.


Four out of five respondents say: watches, banks, railways, chocolate and Alps. During our treasure hunt you will find out that Zurich is more than that!

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We organize our unique treasure hunt team building activity in fourty cities in twentyfour countries on two continents.

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Treasure Hunt Berlin is the best outdoor team building activity and way to discover Berlin historical center.

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